True Murders

When Lin had imagined a murderer’s mistress, she had pictured leopard print and spandex, glittering baubles and high heels. She would never have pictured Eliza Hanson as she was now: kitted out in a soft pink cardigan, a puffy matching headband holding back her sleek, graying bob, serving drinks with almost hostess-y air. She was […]

About Brenna Ehrlich

Brenna Ehrlich is the director of content and culture (indie and rock) at TIDAL. She's also the author of PLACID GIRL and STUFF HIPSTERS HATE, and has had short stories published in Moonchild Magazine, Cease, Cows, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Anon magazine, Impose magazine, Beyond Books and the Ginger Collective. Her other writing credits include a weekly column on Internet etiquette for CNN and articles for Rolling Stone, Bandcamp, Mashable, Heeb magazine, Broadly, Brooklyn Magazine and Nylon.

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